Pick Flicks

By Amy T. Falcone and Chris O’Brien

Pick Flicks is the special section of the site dedicated to any and all videos created by the Full Pickle Media team.

Why videos on a website otherwise filled with colorful pictures (read: comics)? Well, because the Internet isn’t just boring still pictures and words on a screen. Sometimes the pictures move and sometimes the words are said at you, which is easier than using your eyes to read them—ask anyone.

There will be more projects in the future, but for now the only series is Pretty Shorts. What is/are Pretty Shorts? It’s simple. Pretty Shorts are kind of like if a webcomic were a video. In other words, it’s like when Chris gets his penis inspected at the doctor; someone makes a joke, then things wrap-up as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to see more Pick Flicks, please click all the ads on the site until we make enough money to make more Pick Flicks Actually, I think it’s against the rules to ask you to do that, so I guess you can just send us cash? We’ll also accept chocolate covered fruit. It won’t help us fund anything, but Chris and Amy will send you pictures of them eating it.