[citation needed]

By Amy T. Falcone and Chris O’Brien

Officially debuting in July of 2009, [citation needed] began as late-night binge drawing and early mornings spent scrounging for jokes on the street corner.

The “Seasons” reflect various changes in the comic, serving mostly as convenient divisions for the purpose of organization. Previously, [c n] alternated focus between a main cast and single gags. As of Season 3, the comic focuses solely on the main cast of characters, each installment loosely connected by an overarching story.

[citation needed] updates Tuesdays and Fridays.

Cast Profiles

  • Gigi Seaton – A sometimes aggressive, but mostly easy-going girl, she’s interested in post-humanism, has a fascination with prostheses that borders on fetish, and identified as a lesbian until recently becoming involved romantically with a male for the first time in her life, when she began dating Macro. Gigi is the type of girl who enjoys beers, boobs, and trailer races as well as shoes, gardening, and reality shows about baking cakes.

  • Micro Brien – In his early twenty-somethings, this young man can be selfish, obnoxious, and stubborn. On the other hand, he’s also managed to maintain a remarkable child-like wonder and he’s always ready for an adventure…assuming that adventure involves high-fives and making out with hot babes. He loves ice hockey and macaroni and cheese.

  • Mana Salope – This young lady is intelligent, caring, and foreign. Well, sort of. Her parents still live back in their home country, France, but she’s been living in America since…well, it’s not clear when, but she doesn’t speak with an accent anymore. She’s also a hopeless romantic, but painfully inept at romance. She enjoys red wines, a strong hand shake, and previously disliked national landmarks.

  • Billy Woonsocket – Not often seen hanging around with the rest of the gang, his frequent absence probably has to do with the fact that he’s smarter than any of them. He enjoys reading books, reading the newspaper, reading graphic novels, reading the back of cereal boxes, reading the warning labels on mattresses, reading academic journals, and knitting. He is afraid of Raptors.

  • Patches – A longtime friend of both Micro and Gigi, Patches normally plays along with whatever antics Micro is up to. He’s a bit older than everyone else and sometimes finds himself overcome with the urge to grow up and become an adult. However, he is a loyal friend and this quality usually gets the better of him. He enjoys video games, boneless buffalo chicken, and 100 proof rum.

  • Macro WángApparently Micro’s clone, Recently revealed to be Micro’s long-lost twin, he showed up at the gang’s new apartment shortly after they graduated college. A bit naïve, he can seem unintelligent at times, but he’s also genuinely kind-hearted. Though he looks identical to Micro and shares his child-like nature, he’s far more flexible, polite, and sensitive. There’s still a lot we don’t know about Macro…but no one seems to be asking any questions.