Coming and Going and Coming Again

  • lala

    I came here from the guest comic you did on Sam and Fuzzy, I quickly read the archive and loved it. Did I just find and fall in love with a half dead comic? again?

    • Chris O’Brien

      Nah, we’re just on a little hiatus because Amy has been so busy with her new project and kickstarter. We’ll be back soon!

      • NinaLynne

        Oh hooray! I had the same worries. Keep up the good work, folks! Keep Action Food going too, it’s hilarious!

      • lala

        as long as soon =/= Soon TM Blizzard Entertainment I will be happy.

        • Chris O’Brien

          It shouldn’t. We wanted to be back by now, but Clique Refresh has become a priority because of all the support it’s received. We plan to be back by mid-December, but it could be a little earlier or a little later, depending.

          • Some Bloke

            Happy 2014? Can we get an update? Perhaps a haitus doodle?

          • Captain C

            Or for 2015?

          • LiEF Green

            Clique refresh is ok, but THIS COMIC is spades better! If I had money, I’d want you to shut up & take it!

  • william

    i was wondering where is the autobio, slice of life comic amy was doing that one is my favorite comic of her’s so far

    • Aaron Schulz , but she just ended it

  • Opus the Poet

    Wandered over here from an ad on Grrl Power, then found a comatose comic. What’s the prognosis?

    • Chris O’Brien

      Indefinite hiatus. CN will return, but for now, Amy is very busy with Clique Refresh – and I have have most of my time eaten up by acting. That said, I’ve got 14 scripts written and waiting to be cartooned and Amy and I spoke recently about finding time to get those together and release them!

  • kenblu24

    At first I came here and was sad that someone started a brilliant comic that only had 5 strips. Then I realized that I was stupid.

    It looks like a dead comic but at least I’ll have lots to go through before coming back to the present. Good luck to whatever you’re working on right now.

  • Tim

    Oh god why I found this awesome webcomic
    and it is dead