Season 3 Almost Done

I think Season 3 has been the longest season, if not in the amount of installments, then certainly the time elapsed since it began.

A couple nights ago, I read through the entire season. I have to say, I’m really proud of this work. Amy and I have improved a lot since Season 1, but I think we’ve made more progress in the last six months than we did the entire time leading up to that point.

It hasn’t always been easy to keep the comic going. Since it began, Amy and I have graduated college, moved out of our homes, been in and out of a couple days jobs, and I have recently moved to LA. Somehow we’ve managed, though. Thanks for sticking with us.

I am especially happy with the writing in this season. Linking comics together with a cohesive storyline was an experiment we began in Season 2 and really explored heavily at the end of Season 2 with “BRUSHES,” and something I think I am getting better at all the time.

Writing comedy every week is harder than anything else I’ve done in my life, including graduating college. I owe a lot to Amy and her abilities as an artist.

After Season 3 ends, [citation needed] will go on a brief hiatus as we prepare for Season 4, continue to update the website, and recover from a long marathon of making comics. There are still a few more installments left in this season, so enjoy them while they last. As always, thanks for reading!

Updates and Hiatuses

Hi fans!

First, let us take a moment to thank you all again for pushing to a First Place finish in the TGT Media Podcast Tournament. It’s entirely because of you that we won. Thank you for putting up with all our tweets, statuses, and begging in that final week!

Next, you’ve probably noticed that things have been slightly quieter than usual around here and you deserve to know why! Well, Chris moved away to Los Angeles to further pursue acting and writing professionally. That was a couple weeks ago and while Chris is doing great and loving things in California, he unfortunately has to rely on free Starbucks’ WiFi for Internet access, which means that it’s harder for him to communicate with Amy.

At the same time, Amy has been busy working behind the scenes on a couple of projects. We can’t give any news at the moment, as nothing is official, but you may start seeing her face and her work in some pretty cool places on the Internet in the coming months. We’ll keep you updated on that.

For now, thank you as always to all of you for following the comics and supporting both of us!

TGT Media Tournament FINALS!

First, Amy and I would like to thank all of you for taking [citation needed] to the FINALS of the TGT Media Tournament!

But there’s still work to be done. It’s a five-way face-off for the finals and we’re pushing to come out on top. Help us sweep this race by voting once per hour all week long, here –

Thank you, everyone. We love you all dearly.

Vote for [citation needed]!

Snappy dresser and all-around great guy Kurt Sasso (@kurtsasso on twitter) is running a bit of a competition and we’re in it!

Basically, it’s a tournament to decide who is the coolest and best-looking of all his recent guests.

We were guests on his awesome podcast a while back and if you heard it–or even if you didn’t, but you happen to like us–you can go to his site, scroll down, and vote for [citation needed] once every hour while the tournament is going on!

If you do, we’ll love you for it. A lot.

-Chris and Amy

Cardigan Weather and [citation needed] Scheduling UPDATES

This is just a little notice about the schedules for our comics this week. Chris, who had been a little constipated with script writing, busted out about 9 pages of scripts today. While it was a day later than I expected, I now have over a month’s worth of material to get started on. It’s always better to have more scripts later than less earlier. This way I can decide on setting, lighting situations, etc… It’s just good.

This does mean [citation needed] will not be ready for today, it’s usual Tuesday update. BUT THAT’S OKAY! I got a nice new Cardigan Weather up and ready.

Think of it like the light snack before dinner. [c n] will resume its usual update schedule tomorrow! WEU




The Future

If you listened to us earlier tonight on Late Nite Jenga Jam (, we let you in on a couple of plans we have for the future of [citation needed] and

We have tons in store for the site, but our primary focus involves wrapping-up Season 3 of [citation needed] and beginning Season 4. There will be big and small changes, but it will still be the [c n] you’ve come to know and love. Chris likes to call it a “Soft Reset.”

No need to worry though–we’ve got it all planned out.

Notes on the end of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4

This is how Chris writes citation needed.

No [citation needed] updates this week.

Sorry for the short notice, but there will be no [c n] updates this week.

However, it’s not without reason.

This week, Amy finally launches her solo project, Cardigan Weather. Even better, it starts Friday with the first installment of a four-part story arc! Woo!

As for today, we’ll be releasing an all-new ACTION FOOD later tonight (10PM EST) to help hold you over until [c n] returns next week.

In other news, Chris will soon be writing for the online Art Magazine, AppleJuice and has recently been cast in an upcoming local, indie film project set to begin shooting in late May (more on that in the next few months). Finally, both Chris and Amy will be attending MOCCA Fest this weekend, where Amy will officially debut Cardigan Weather with a limited-run mini comic!

It’s a pretty exciting and busy time for us at, so thanks for sticking with us and keep checking back. We have even more planned in the weeks and months to come.

Return of Commenting

You may or may not have noticed, but we’ve brought back the commenting feature on individual comics. We toyed around with creating a forum post for each new comic, but it seems that everyone missed single thread commenting directly under each installment, and to be honest, I think we did t0o.

Let us know how you like it and if you have any issues!