A few people have been asking what’s up with Full Pickle recently, so we thought it was time to give a more official word on the future of the site and the content. First, Full Pickle is not dead! You may have not noticed, because it was so faint, but there is a pulse. ACTION […]

Citation Needed Turns 4 Years Old!

Time goes by so fast…and yet also so slow. I guess time just goes by at a regular rate of speed, then? Whatever. Citation Needed turned four-years-old this past week! To celebrate and because it is convenient timing now that Amy has her CliqueStarter launched (and quickly funded! Look out for Amy’s new comic in […]


    That’s right, there is a bunch of BRAND NEW SHIT coming to the site starting February 28th. [citation needed] is starting its fourth season, followed by the March release of our premier video series Pretty Shorts. Cardigan Weather continues to update once a week alongside Action Food. In the meantime, check out the shenanigans going […]

Hurricane Sandy

First, our thoughts are with anyone who was negatively affected by the massive hurricane that hit the East Coast a few days ago. If you are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm, please stay safe and healthy! Second, like many, [cn] has been affected as well. It’s bad timing, but it means that […]

Updates and Hiatuses

Hi fans! First, let us take a moment to thank you all again for pushing to a First Place finish in the TGT Media Podcast Tournament. It’s entirely because of you that we won. Thank you for putting up with all our tweets, statuses, and begging in that final week! Next, you’ve probably noticed that […]


Did you know we made it to Round 2 in the TGT Tourney? It’s true! Vote for us (group 06) here. You can vote once per hour all week long. Help us win, sexy people who read our comic. Help us, awesome fans. You’re each one of our only hopes.

The Future

If you listened to us earlier tonight on Late Nite Jenga Jam (http://www.jengajam.net/), we let you in on a couple of plans we have for the future of [citation needed] and cn-comics.com. We have tons in store for the site, but our primary focus involves wrapping-up Season 3 of [citation needed] and beginning Season 4. […]

[citation needed] Reviewed!

Yesterday, an article about our very own [citation needed] went live over at comicbookandmoviereviews.com. So, support us (and the nice person who did interview) Check it out, here. And, in case you missed it–Project Wonderful also recently posted an interview with us over at their Google+ page! Check that out too!