Cross-country Adventure (BRB LOL)

Hey everyone! Amy, here. You may have noticed, we’re taking a two week breather from [citation needed] because I’m about to move across the country to Seattle! No really, check out my trip! (link or screenshot That is over 3,000 grueling miles and 50 hours of driving in just under 5 days. Don’t worry though, I’ll […]


You may have noticed that the site has been a little buggy and some comics have been difficult to view! Well, it’s your fault, not ours. We were just here, rubbing avocados on our bodies and eating some too, minding our own business, when all of you decided to show up and get our server’s […]

2013, Amy’s Big News & Strip Search

Amy here with some crazy stories to tell: But before that… I want to announce that I am officially 100% a full-time artist. I left my day job early in December to pursue my creative efforts and begin building my career. I am currently freelancing as an illustrator/designer and will be posting information on personal […]

Vote for [citation needed]!

Snappy dresser and all-around great guy Kurt Sasso (@kurtsasso on twitter) is running a bit of a competition and we’re in it! Basically, it’s a tournament to decide who is the coolest and best-looking of all his recent guests. We were guests on his awesome podcast a while back and if you heard it–or even […]

Return of Commenting

You may or may not have noticed, but we’ve brought back the commenting feature on individual comics. We toyed around with creating a forum post for each new comic, but it seems that everyone missed single thread commenting directly under each installment, and to be honest, I think we did t0o. Let us know how […]