Did you know we made it to Round 2 in the TGT Tourney? It’s true! Vote for us (group 06) here. You can vote once per hour all week long. Help us win, sexy people who read our comic. Help us, awesome fans. You’re each one of our only hopes.

Vote for [citation needed]!

Snappy dresser and all-around great guy Kurt Sasso (@kurtsasso on twitter) is running a bit of a competition and we’re in it! Basically, it’s a tournament to decide who is the coolest and best-looking of all his recent guests. We were guests on his awesome podcast a while back and if you heard it–or even […]

The Future

If you listened to us earlier tonight on Late Nite Jenga Jam (, we let you in on a couple of plans we have for the future of [citation needed] and We have tons in store for the site, but our primary focus involves wrapping-up Season 3 of [citation needed] and beginning Season 4. […]

[citation needed] Reviewed!

Yesterday, an article about our very own [citation needed] went live over at So, support us (and the nice person who did interview) Check it out, here. And, in case you missed it–Project Wonderful also recently posted an interview with us over at their Google+ page! Check that out too!

No [citation needed] updates this week.

Sorry for the short notice, but there will be no [c n] updates this week. However, it’s not without reason. This week, Amy finally launches her solo project, Cardigan Weather. Even better, it starts Friday with the first installment of a four-part story arc! Woo! As for today, we’ll be releasing an all-new ACTION FOOD later tonight […]

Return of Commenting

You may or may not have noticed, but we’ve brought back the commenting feature on individual comics. We toyed around with creating a forum post for each new comic, but it seems that everyone missed single thread commenting directly under each installment, and to be honest, I think we did t0o. Let us know how […]

Slowly Progressing

So, you may have noticed we’re still tweaking the new site! It’s pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, that means updates have gone slightly off schedule at times and that we haven’t quite been able to implement everything we wanted to right away. For example, that shop of ours? It’s coming. Soon. We promise. So thanks for reading and […]