A few people have been asking what’s up with Full Pickle recently, so we thought it was time to give a more official word on the future of the site and the content.

First, Full Pickle is not dead! You may have not noticed, because it was so faint, but there is a pulse. ACTION FOOD updated a few days ago and Chris, despite being on movie sets all the time lately (ugh Hollywood kid), is committing to getting back on the update schedule for 2014!

Unfortunately, Citation Needed is on indefinite hiatus. Amy needs to get everything up and going with her new project, Clique Refresh. Chris and Amy have spoken about continuing Citation Needed and plan on picking it back up as soon as Amy can reasonably do that. It may be a little while, but you’ll all be the first to know as soon as Full Pickle sets an official date!

Dinosandwich 64 is the victim of a similar, albeit less happy set of circumstances and difficulties. The cartoonist, Mary–lovely, lovely Mary–has had some personal and professional issues that have needed to come first, before comics. DS64 will pick back up sooner than Citation Needed, but it does not have an official date yet either.

Pretty Shorts is still the only webseries under Full Pickle’s “Pick Flicks” section and Season 2 is currently being written.

As always thanks for the support. Full Pickle has gone in to a bit of a hibernation over the last six months, but it is starting to slowly, wake up. And it hungers…. for comics. And pizza.

Posted by: chris o'brien
January 14, 2014
  • YepImAPersonWaving

    Hooray for new content! Also, hopefully pizza!