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Season One of Pretty Shorts has come to an end, but it’s been a blast sharing it with you all and we want to thank everyone for watching!

Having filmed most of it back in the Fall of 2011, it’s a strange feeling that it’s only over the last two months that we’ve been able to release the videos. It’s and even stranger feeling–but a really good one–that the response has been so good, we’ve decided to do a second season! We’re currently working on scripts at the moment, but we’re currently planning to premiere a Pretty Shorts Season Two around the end of August.

As you’ve probably guessed, it isn’t just bad planning that we created an entire section of the site for video (with it’s own title). We’ve got additional video projects in the works. Can’t say much about those right now, but I just wanted to drop some vague information to grab your interest and then sign off. Like this.



Posted by: chris o'brien
May 3, 2013