UPDATE: Good news, nobody! The shirt is no longer available as of April 5th!

The original post continues below.

You are running out of time to buy Amy’s T-shirt.

You may recognize the design from Episode 3, “Burning That Bridge” of the wildly popular webseries/reality show about the business of making webcomics, Strip Search.

Pre-order this T-shirt now–yes, this minute young (man / lady / I won’t box you into a gender binary if you don’t want me to) because it won’t be available much longer.

It’s only $17.99 and pre-orders end on April 5! (UPDATE: THAT MEANS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT)

So give up your morning Starbucks for literally three days and go buy this shirt.

If you do, you’ll be supporting not only Amy, but your purchase is also a way to say very loudly that you want to see another season of Strip Search, that this is what reality shows should be, and that you appreciate Penny Arcade’s commitment to supporting artists and webcomics.

In other words, a pre-order on this shirt is like a pre-order on more of everything you love and hold dear in life…insofar as that applies to Internet shows and on-line cartoons.

Still, that’s a pretty big deal if you ask me.  Pre-order the shirt here.

Posted by: chris o'brien
March 28, 2013
  • Robert de Forest

    I want to order/buy this shirt, but the link is broken. Halp?

    • http://twitter.com/microbrien Chris O’Brien

      I’m sorry, but it’s no longer available for sale!

      • Robert de Forest

        Boo. Now they’re going to be a collector’s item and occasionally sell on eBay for $2500 unopened, $1000 slightly used and $5000 slightly used by well known attractive people.

        I hope you guys raked in some good proceeds. :)

        • http://twitter.com/microbrien Chris O’Brien

          All of the profits went to Amy and they are helping her subsidize her move to Seattle!

  • Robert Feria

    like the faces + struts.