So our mini-break before we wrap up Season 3 went a little longer than expected, but it was for good reasons. Maybe we’ll tell you all about those a little later. For now you’ll just have to speculate and call CNN repeatedly to tell them about your speculations and how important they are and then CNN files a restraining order and so you have your friend call for you because that doesn’t technically break any rules and anyway you really need to tell Wolf Blitzer how you think that if Ellen Degeneres were a man and older and grew a white beard, she and he would look like they could be cousins, maybe.

Anyway–updates forthcoming. Check back soon.

Posted by: chris o'brien
October 20, 2012
  • Maycroft

    I’ve been living in ingorance this whole time.

  • tsarstepan

    I love this guy with all me heart. He knows the way IT should be. And by it I mean EVERYTHING. Is it too late to model my life after him? Hmmmm….

    • Mizuho

      Its never too late