Hi fans!

First, let us take a moment to thank you all again for pushing to a First Place finish in the TGT Media Podcast Tournament. It’s entirely because of you that we won. Thank you for putting up with all our tweets, statuses, and begging in that final week!

Next, you’ve probably noticed that things have been slightly quieter than usual around here and you deserve to know why! Well, Chris moved away to Los Angeles to further pursue acting and writing professionally. That was a couple weeks ago and while Chris is doing great and loving things in California, he unfortunately has to rely on free Starbucks’ WiFi for Internet access, which means that it’s harder for him to communicate with Amy.

At the same time, Amy has been busy working behind the scenes on a couple of projects. We can’t give any news at the moment, as nothing is official, but you may start seeing her face and her work in some pretty cool places on the Internet in the coming months. We’ll keep you updated on that.

For now, thank you as always to all of you for following the comics and supporting both of us!

Posted by: chris o'brien
September 12, 2012