Snappy dresser and all-around great guy Kurt Sasso (@kurtsasso on twitter) is running a bit of a competition and we’re in it!

Basically, it’s a tournament to decide who is the coolest and best-looking of all his recent guests.

We were guests on his awesome podcast a while back and if you heard it–or even if you didn’t, but you happen to like us–you can go to his site, scroll down, and vote for [citation needed] once every hour while the tournament is going on!

If you do, we’ll love you for it. A lot.

-Chris and Amy

Posted by: chris o'brien
August 7, 2012
  • Mizuho

    This is me if i decided to no longer keep my dirty thoughts and comments to myself

  • Mizuho

    Ment to post that on the next one…weird