This is just a little notice about the schedules for our comics this week. Chris, who had been a little constipated with script writing, busted out about 9 pages of scripts today. While it was a day later than I expected, I now have over a month’s worth of material to get started on. It’s always better to have more scripts later than less earlier. This way I can decide on setting, lighting situations, etc… It’s just good.

This does mean [citation needed] will not be ready for today, it’s usual Tuesday update. BUT THAT’S OKAY! I got a nice new Cardigan Weather up and ready.

Think of it like the light snack before dinner. [c n] will resume its usual update schedule tomorrow! WEU




Posted by: amytfalcone
May 23, 2012
  • Thisis Notme

    Is that a .. muskrat?

  • Sytnos

    Firsting Streak!

  • Sytnos


    • microbrien

      it got broke

  • PetravanBerkum

    Do you like ferrets? do you have them as pets?