Yesterday, an article about our very own [citation needed] went live over at

So, support us (and the nice person who did interview) Check it out, here.

And, in case you missed it–Project Wonderful also recently posted an interview with us over at their Google+ page! Check that out too!

Posted by: chris o'brien
April 29, 2012
  • John Yut Sang Cheung Groenvold

    Well, he certainly blew his chance to establish an aquaintance.

    • John Yut Sang Cheung Groenvold

      oh wait, now I get it, I guess he’s all right then, just unfunny

    • colin gardner

      Wait, are doing puns here? I guess he fellatio flat on his face

  • Zaskroniec

    “See, it’s funny because I’m the only one with a penis.”
    One of them really should reply to this with “I wouldn’t be so sure.”. He would learn not to make quick assumptions and offers.