A few people have been asking what’s up with Full Pickle recently, so we thought it was time to give a more official word on the future of the site and the content.

First, Full Pickle is not dead! You may have not noticed, because it was so faint, but there is a pulse. ACTION FOOD updated a few days ago and Chris, despite being on movie sets all the time lately (ugh Hollywood kid), is committing to getting back on the update schedule for 2014!

Unfortunately, Citation Needed is on indefinite hiatus. Amy needs to get everything up and going with her new project, Clique Refresh. Chris and Amy have spoken about continuing Citation Needed and plan on picking it back up as soon as Amy can reasonably do that. It may be a little while, but you’ll all be the first to know as soon as Full Pickle sets an official date!

Dinosandwich 64 is the victim of a similar, albeit less happy set of circumstances and difficulties. The cartoonist, Mary–lovely, lovely Mary–has had some personal and professional issues that have needed to come first, before comics. DS64 will pick back up sooner than Citation Needed, but it does not have an official date yet either.

Pretty Shorts is still the only webseries under Full Pickle’s “Pick Flicks” section and Season 2 is currently being written.

As always thanks for the support. Full Pickle has gone in to a bit of a hibernation over the last six months, but it is starting to slowly, wake up. And it hungers…. for comics. And pizza.

Citation Needed Turns 4 Years Old!

Time goes by so fast…and yet also so slow. I guess time just goes by at a regular rate of speed, then?

Whatever. Citation Needed turned four-years-old this past week! To celebrate and because it is convenient timing now that Amy has her CliqueStarter launched (and quickly funded! Look out for Amy’s new comic in the coming months) and now that she’s settling in nicely in Seattle, updates will begin again next week.

Thanks to everyone who has read and kept-up with the comic over the last four years. We love you like we love eating cold things on top of hot things with a hot drink in a cold diner late at night!

- Chris and Amy

Cross-country Adventure (BRB LOL)

Hey everyone! Amy, here.

You may have noticed, we’re taking a two week breather from [citation needed] because I’m about to move across the country to Seattle! No really, check out my trip! (link or screenshot http://goo.gl/maps/8uTu2) That is over 3,000 grueling miles and 50 hours of driving in just under 5 days.

Don’t worry though, I’ll be posting pictures and content all along the way to my Instagram account (amytfalcone) which cross posts to Twitter (@amytfalcone) for MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE. Even though the comic is taking a break, I’ll be updating every day with pictures and drawings from the road, so you won’t even have time to miss me!

I’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone for the huge amount of support I’ve received, especially those who have offered financial assistance to me over the past few days. I can’t begin to tell you all how much it means to me that you would help a stranger like me move across the country to begin my new life and career as a cartoonist. I have decided to accept some of the help offered to me… but I’d like to offer something in exchange.



For all donations above $30 USD I’ll be doing single-subject sketches as my way of saying “Thank You!” I’ll be posting them to my travel album from the road, then scanning them all in after I’ve moved in. Again, any and all help is so appreciated. I just want to give a little something extra to those who send me a little extra!  ;D

Finally, we are really excited to announce that ACTION FOOD is moving to Wednesday nights and we are launching an all-new comic! We’ve tweeted about this, but it’s called Dinosandwich 64. It’s written by Chris and illustrated by Mary Tanner (@RTgrl_) of Internet Webcomic! This is a pretty big deal for us because it’s the first time someone other than Chris or I have worked on a project here at FP. Big doins, kids.

I set sail in the morning… can’t believe this is all thanks to my time on Strip Search! What an inspiration.

Pick Flicks, Pretty Shorts: The Future

Pick Flicks Carousel Banner - NEEDS FULL PICKLE WATER MARK draft 002

Season One of Pretty Shorts has come to an end, but it’s been a blast sharing it with you all and we want to thank everyone for watching!

Having filmed most of it back in the Fall of 2011, it’s a strange feeling that it’s only over the last two months that we’ve been able to release the videos. It’s and even stranger feeling–but a really good one–that the response has been so good, we’ve decided to do a second season! We’re currently working on scripts at the moment, but we’re currently planning to premiere a Pretty Shorts Season Two around the end of August.

As you’ve probably guessed, it isn’t just bad planning that we created an entire section of the site for video (with it’s own title). We’ve got additional video projects in the works. Can’t say much about those right now, but I just wanted to drop some vague information to grab your interest and then sign off. Like this.



T-Shirts Are the Currency of the Internet!

UPDATE: Good news, nobody! The shirt is no longer available as of April 5th!

The original post continues below.

You are running out of time to buy Amy’s T-shirt.

You may recognize the design from Episode 3, “Burning That Bridge” of the wildly popular webseries/reality show about the business of making webcomics, Strip Search.

Pre-order this T-shirt now–yes, this minute young (man / lady / I won’t box you into a gender binary if you don’t want me to) because it won’t be available much longer.

It’s only $17.99 and pre-orders end on April 5! (UPDATE: THAT MEANS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT)

So give up your morning Starbucks for literally three days and go buy this shirt.

If you do, you’ll be supporting not only Amy, but your purchase is also a way to say very loudly that you want to see another season of Strip Search, that this is what reality shows should be, and that you appreciate Penny Arcade’s commitment to supporting artists and webcomics.

In other words, a pre-order on this shirt is like a pre-order on more of everything you love and hold dear in life…insofar as that applies to Internet shows and on-line cartoons.

Still, that’s a pretty big deal if you ask me.  Pre-order the shirt here.


bur small

You may have noticed that the site has been a little buggy and some comics have been difficult to view! Well, it’s your fault, not ours. We were just here, rubbing avocados on our bodies and eating some too, minding our own business, when all of you decided to show up and get our server’s boxers all bunched up in its crack.

Anyway, we forgive you. We know you just want to look at all the words and pictures we made for you. They’re here. Waiting. For you. Come back. Just be gentle with us, okay?

- Chris and Amy


good news



That’s right, there is a bunch of BRAND NEW SHIT coming to the site starting February 28th. [citation needed] is starting its fourth season, followed by the March release of our premier video series Pretty Shorts. Cardigan Weather continues to update once a week alongside Action Food. In the meantime, check out the shenanigans going on between Amy and her fellow Strip Search contestants in an interview on the official website.




2013, Amy’s Big News & Strip Search

i-CwGTpD4 (1)

Amy here with some crazy stories to tell: But before that… I want to announce that I am officially 100% a full-time artist. I left my day job early in December to pursue my creative efforts and begin building my career. I am currently freelancing as an illustrator/designer and will be posting information on personal (non-corporate) commissions in the coming week. Thank you all for your support in making this difficult and thrilling decision.

As of January 1st, 2013, that day being this day, I am finally able to share with you all what the hell I’ve been up to. I come to you with the Mother of all hangovers, ripe with fresh anxiety for the new year, to tell you about how I somehow found myself on Penny Arcade’s long teased reality show StripSearch.

What is Strip Search?

It is a new reality show airing on PATV sometime very soon! It featured eleven highly talented webcomic artists and a lovable chump (yours truly). We competed for a chance to win a huge cash prize and a year of studio space at the Penny Arcade office in Seattle. Read the official teaser here!

I applied initially for laughs, as I thought I would never actually make the cut, but round after round went by and I stayed in the running. It went from some thousand artists, down to twelve. I can assure you, none of it felt real, even hearing I was one of the twelve that would be in the horrifying clutches of Gabe & Tycho seemed nebulous.

Of course, I can’t tell you anything just yet as Strip Search is cloaked in super secret mystery… and, as you know, is yet unreleased. Demon of business, Robert Khoo, details a few key points in his interview with Fleen. What I can tell you is it marks the beginning of an exciting new year for me. I will be exhibiting at conventions, moving to a new location, releasing the new season of [citation needed], producing more Cardigan Weather, opening up my online storefront, and who knows what else.

As always, I am so thankful for my fans and followers. I encourage all of you to check out the Strip Search competitors and see the ridiculous talent-pool we were thrown into: Lexxy DouglassTy HalleyAlex HobbsAbby HowardMaki NaroTavis MaidenErika MoenMonica RayKatie RiceMackenzie Schubert, and Nick Trujillo.

See the official LoadingReadyRun Strip Search Announcement post here!

Hurricane Sandy

First, our thoughts are with anyone who was negatively affected by the massive hurricane that hit the East Coast a few days ago. If you are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm, please stay safe and healthy!

Second, like many, [cn] has been affected as well. It’s bad timing, but it means that the next update will be delayed as Amy spends her days kayaking bath and forth between her apartment and her parent’s house.

Stick with us, everyone. [citation needed] will be back soon!

Hiatus Longer Than Expected

So our mini-break before we wrap up Season 3 went a little longer than expected, but it was for good reasons. Maybe we’ll tell you all about those a little later. For now you’ll just have to speculate and call CNN repeatedly to tell them about your speculations and how important they are and then CNN files a restraining order and so you have your friend call for you because that doesn’t technically break any rules and anyway you really need to tell Wolf Blitzer how you think that if Ellen Degeneres were a man and older and grew a white beard, she and he would look like they could be cousins, maybe.

Anyway–updates forthcoming. Check back soon.