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You may have been here in the past and we may have looked a little different. We may have been called something different. We may have stolen your lunch money, felt bad about it, used it to buy you an ice cream, got hungry on the way back, ate the ice cream, cried tears of shame inside our backpack--which we placed over our head, to hide our tears and our shame, and then got back and pretended like nothing happened. Sorry about that.

We've grown since then and matured into a lovely new website, filled with comics, videos, and that smell you smell when you open a brand new hardcover book to the middle and smell the binding (protip: that's glue! It's probably toxic). Have fun!

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A few people have been asking what’s up with Full Pickle recently, so we thought it was time to give a more official word on the future of the site and the content. First, Full Pickle is not dead! You may have not noticed, because it was so faint, but there is a pulse. ACTION […]

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